Wood Working

Let’s Build………

In Wood Working 11 and 12, students will learn how to design, construct, and install various wood projects for the home and for the school.  A large portion of the course will be devoted to building/constructing  for others departments and programs.  For example: Drama plays, The Fashion Show, The Band Concert series, etc.  Students considering this area should be willing to do things for others and be ready to jump in and be an active participant rather than sitting on the side line.  We all work together as a team and everybody gets to play, No One Is Sitting Down!

ADST – Woodworking 9

Students will continue to build Woodworking skills learned in Gr 8. Through the use simple Woodworking machines and hand tools, students will learn and build various simple projects from wooden toys to kitchen and bathroom products.  Students will also learn various simple repair skills needed to be successful in high school and beyond.


Woodworking 10

This is an intermediate level course intended for students wishing to explore woodworking as a possible career pathway.  A number of wood projects will be constructed ranging from small/simple toys to large auditorium sets for the school musical and the fashion show.  Students who had demonstrated aptitude in previous woodworking course(s) are strongly encouraged to sign up for this course.  Students who are new to woodworking are also encouraged to apply as this may be possible an alternative to mainstream traditional post-secondary options.  New and innovative options in the wood industries includes safe forest harvesting practices, restoration of forests due to natural disasters, and advance machining techniques with respect to prototyping and modern manufacturing.  A small portion of this course will be devoted to the use of recycling and the exploration of alternative resource materials.

Woodworking 11 (Carpentry and Joinery)

Students Will:

  • Be able to demonstrate safe operation of all tools and machinery within the class
  • Be able to construct various wood related projects by following instructions.
  • Be able to construct various wood related projects by the use of The Design and Manufacturing Processes.

Woodwork 11 is an intermediate course in machine wood working where the student will develop an understanding of the materials and processes of fine furniture manufacturing. Students will learn the safe use of various woodworking machines to design and build furniture projects, within the limits of good design and construction techniques. The focus of the course will be on quality design and product development with a strong emphasis on proper procedures and safety. Each student will design, construct, and finish a major furniture project. Students will be encouraged to work as part of a team. Some material costs will be paid by the student.

Students will be carrying lumber (from time to time 20 to 30 lbs.) as part of the class learning.  Being physically able to do so will be a requirement.

Wood Working 12 (Carpentry and Joinery) 

Students Will:

  • Be able to demonstrate leadership skills during class activities
  • Be able to utilize the appropriate tools and techniques to solve real world problems with minimal assistance
  • Be able to determine the appropriate career pathways in wood manufacturing technology as well as being able to locate suitable post secondary institution(s) to pursuit that career.

Woodwork 12 is an advanced wood technology course that will broaden students’ understanding of woodworking in various industries and technologies. This is a more advanced level course in cabinet making and construction in which students are encouraged to build upon the skills they learned in MCJ11. Quality of design, planning, and workmanship are keys to success in this course. Production procedures, drawing routines, and cost sheet preparation theory will also be covered. Students who successfully complete this course will be encouraged to pursue post-secondary education in this technology field as a possible career pathway. Students will be required to pay for materials used in the manufacture of personal projects.

Students will be carrying lumber (from time to time 20 to 30 lbs.) as part of the class learning.  Being physically able to do so will be a requirement.

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