Technology Studies

In Technical Studies, the emphasis is on project work, and students are expected to participate in the design and manufacturer of a variety of projects and processes. There is a theory component to all technical courses.  Shop safety is important in all technical areas and students will be tested on safety in all courses.

In short:  WE MAKE STUFF….

Come by and see Mr. Yu or Mr. Halim if you have any questions and/or would like a class tour.



Applied Design Skills & Technology 8 Rotation
(Woodworking and Electronics & Robotics)

Students will:

  • build project(s) using wood, paper, and cardboard.
  • learn to build a robot and operate the robot to perform specific tasks
  • learn to work together as a team.

In Applied Skills 8 students learn to work together to solve technical problems and to develop interpersonal communication skills. Course content will also cover areas of interest for students wanting to take additional Tech Studies courses in the future.  Everyone in Grade 8 will have an opportunity to be part of the Tech Studies rotation.  This course is coupled with Home Economics, and Business Education; each rotation is one term in length.

Topics and Projects will include:

– Wood Working – We Make Toys – VEX IQ Robotics

Student wishing to explore this subject further should consider one of the following area(s) in Grade 9 and beyond:

Drafting and Design (Link)

Electronics and Robotics (Link)

Metal Work (Link)

Wood Working (Link)

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