Skills Exploration 10-12

Grades: 10 to 12
Prerequisite: None
Supplemental Course fee: For personal projects to be taken home $TBA; additional costs may occur based on individual student needs (i.e. size of project or material being used)

Skills Exploration 10-12 is an engaging program in which students use hands-on learning to acquire skills and knowledge related to the constructions trades, automotive industry, and the manufacturing sector.  The modular structure of Skills Exploration 10-12 means school district can tailor the program based on local needs – availability of instructors, facilities, and materials.  Many of the activities found in the modules are designed as standalone resources, allowing for flexible implementations ion the shop and classroom.

Projects will include: Constructing Sheds or walls, wiring sheds, assembling plumbing fixtures, and using CAD software.

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