Social Psychology 11 

Take this course to learn more about yourself and to understand relationships better.  These life skills can benefit both your personal and work life.  The knowledge and skills learned here make you more desirable to employers who are seeking those who will work well with staff and clients. You will have the opportunity to practice and improve your communication and team-building skills; learn about classic personality theories like Freud’s psychoanalytical theory; explore stress management techniques, how to build and maintain rewarding relationships in your life and more.  Evaluation will be based on participation in class activities, a variety of assignments and some tests.

Family Sociology 12

Wouldn’t it be great to be better prepared to deal with life’s challenges?  Take this course to explore how the individual adapts to different stages of the life cycle and to gain a better understanding of your decision-making process, morals and happiness – the desired yet elusive state of being. The impact of being single or married, a parent or childless, young or old will be well debated in addition to gaining practical skills needed to navigate through life successfully.  Evaluation will be based on the student’s participation in class activities, a variety of assignments and some tests.

Advanced Placement Psychology 12  (APSY-12)

APSY-12AP is a prerequisite: English 11 MFM- -11 is strongly recommended

Not for the faint of heart – this introductory university level course will require students to set aside additional time for assignments, reading and study.  Topics include research methods, biological aspects of psychology, perception, learning and memory, cognitive abilities and language, consciousness, emotions, developmental psychology, personality and social behaviour, stress, and psychological disorders and their treatments. Evaluation will be based on chapter tests, homework and term projects. The option of writing the AP psychology College Board examination in May requires payment of a fee.  If students are successful in this exam they may gain credit for first year university psychology.

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