Home Economics

Applied Skills Home Economics 8 Rotation
Culinary Arts (Foods) and Fashion Sewing (Textiles)

(MHE- -08)

Here’s your chance to be in the kitchen or behind a sewing machine. This course introduces you to basic cooking and sewing techniques for being more independent.  Learn how to work safely and efficiently while developing an appreciation for the skill and work behind food and textile products. Whether making your first muffin or sewing the Hamber duffle bag, you will gain life skills and confidence. Course evaluation is based on skill development, the quality of individual projects and an understanding of the process and theory. Students will spend one term in Home Economics as part of the Applied Skills 8 rotation.

Student wishing to explore this subject further should consider one of the following area(s) in Grade 9 and beyond:

Culinary Arts (Link)

Fashion Sewing (Link)

Fashion Design (Link)




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