Culinary Arts

ADST – Foods Studies 9

Want to learn how to cook? This course will teach you how to use basic techniques and equipment for the planning, preparation and serving of nutritious meals. Learn how to bake and cook food while mastering time management, safety and sanitation skills. Learn how to read food labels and establish healthy eating practices using Canada’s Food Guide. Students will be introduced to First Peoples traditional food use and will also study current ethical issues surrounding food. Students make products such as tasty fajitas, stir-fries, teriyaki burgers, soups, and cakes. Included are some perennial favourites like pizza, and shish kebobs. Evaluation is based heavily on practical work and also assignments and written tests.

Foods Studies 10 

Students in this course will:

  • Learn about the nutritional values of various foods
  • Be able to devise a plan for health living via natural and modified foods
  • Understand the social and economical value of generically modify foods vs natural and organic foods.

This course is intended for students wishing to pursue further academic studies in nutrition and food sciences. For students wishing to continue their studies in the following area(s), this course is highly recommended: Food Science, Nutrition Sciences, Medical Doctor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ocean Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, and Bio and Biomedical Engineering. Theory based classroom learning will be supported by hands on activities during lab classes.

Culinary Arts 10

Do you want to expand your culinary horizons? This course will take quick and healthy meals up a notch and will look at the social and ethical impact of food in our lives, with a focus on celebrations. Students will gain hands on experience in both baking and culinary techniques.

*Food Studies 9 is highly recommended prior to taking this course.

Culinary Arts 11 

Do you ever wonder how professional chefs make food look so delicious and wonderful? This course is for senior students interested in learning and developing more advanced culinary and presentation skills. This course will enable students to plan, prepare, and serve appealing meals from simple to advanced dishes for all occasions, while developing healthy eating practices. Basic cake decorating skills, an in-class Iron Chef competition and popular labs like the classic pavlova, and chicken vol-au-vent are included. Evaluation is based on mastering food preparation techniques, understanding theory, as well as being creative with food presentation.

Culinary Arts 12

Do you want to eat your way around the world? This course will be your tour guide to a variety of world flavours and diets from Europe to Asia and beyond. Cuisines of Asia, France, Italy, Mexico and other parts of the world will be covered. Learning activities include tastings, buffets and small group food preparation. Favourite labs include the classic French soufflé, pad thai, homemade pasta and Asian curries. Evaluation will be based on mastering food preparation techniques, and understanding the theory that underlies the preparation of healthy, appealing, and efficient meals.

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