Business Education

Applied Design Skills & Technology 8 Rotation
Entrepreneurship And Marketing)


Students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Microsoft Office and a variety of online applications;
  • Simulate business activities; and
  • Use the correct fingers to key at a minimum of 10 net words per minute.

This course is one of three term-long courses for Grade 8 students. This activity-based course is intended for students to explore business concepts and principles and to develop their computer application skills.  Students will participate in HamberMall, an entrepreneurial business simulation, providing them the opportunity to develop their ability to communicate, to think creatively and critically, and to work with others.  An understanding of the business and the practical skills presented in this course will benefit students in their school work and enhance their future employability.

Student wishing to explore this subject further should consider one of the following courses in Grade 9.

Business Education 10 

(MBEG- -10)

Students Will:

  • Develop and write a business plan;
  • Experience being entrepreneurs; and
  • Develop and demonstrate communication, teamwork, research, problem-solving and analytical skills.

Business Education 10 introduces students to the world of business and offers insights into entrepreneurship, economics, starting a business, marketing, accounting, finance, information technology and the importance of ethics and social responsibility.  This course is project-based and provides students with an excellent foundation to further their business knowledge and practical skills for their everyday lives.

Internet Technology 10


Students will:

  • Construct and maintain a website using a content management system (i.e. WordPress);
  • Publish effective media-based content on the Internet using edited photos, documents, and/or animations; and
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Internet history and the overall network process.

This course is also known as Web 10.  Regardless of the name, students will learn how to construct their very own websites using current technology, like WordPress.  They will take control and design their websites that are media driven – creating something unique.  Students will also be exposed to a variety of software programs while creating the content for their websites.  With these skills, students can explore and create anything they desire.  The sky is the limit.

Student wishing to explore this subject further should consider one of the following area(s) in Grade 10 and beyond:

Accounting (Link)

Economics (Link)

Electronic Design and Publishing (Link)

Marketing (Link)



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