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The Enactus Business Competition at UBC

Hamber Marketing Students Win The Enactus Business Competition at UBC

A group of dedicated and hardworking Hamber Marketing 12 students won the Enactus Business Competition hosted by UBC Sauder School of Business on February 21.

Students received hands-on experience in creating a sustainable product with the guidance and mentorship of UBC’s Spend It Right team leaders. Students took glycerin, a by-product of biodiesel production, and developed and produced an eco-friendly soap. Students were responsible for researching, planning, developing, creating, testing, marketing, and packaging their product. They were also tasked to develop and present a sustainable business model.

The Marketing 12 class took the project on and developed Amber by Recentia – a soap supply business that focuses on collecting used cooking oil from local restaurants, converting it into biodiesel, making soap out of the glycerin and selling the soap back to the restaurants. The entire Marketing 12 class helped in the beginning stages of the project, which was completed by a core group consisting of presenters Shweta J., Elliott L., Tyler N., Christy S. and Allison W., as well as Gary M., Angela H., Ken W., Cherry C., Ariel L., Nicky L. and Brian L. The presenters delivered “an innovative, comprehensive and well thought out” plan. The judges were impressed with the out-of-the-box thinking, the presentation and the packaging of our product.

Congratulations to the presenters and to the other Marketing 12 students who helped put together a winning proposal! You’ve done Hamber proud with your “Clean Hands. Clean World.” idea.


The NFTE’s World Series of Innovation Challenge – February 2015

Hamber Business Education 10 Students Win The NFTE’s World Series of Innovation Challenge – February 2015

There were 3500 students and 750 international teams who entered the NFTE’s World Series of Innovation Challenge, an international competition where students work in groups to come up with a new, innovative product or service to address a market niche and for a chance to win a prize of $2500. Hamber had six teams from the Business Education 10 classes make it to the top 10 in their respective categories. After a second round of eliminations, one Hamber team made it to the finals. Nicole H.’s, Michelle L.’s, Gamay N.’s and Zorka’s Stevanovic’s Reborn was a top 3 category finalist in the Coca Cola Baby Boomer Challenge. On February 10, 2015, we learned our Hamber team was selected as one of the winning teams! Congratulations to all six teams and an extra pat on the back to the winning team for a job well done! Go Hamber!