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Robot Summer School 2016


Eric Hamber Secondary School

5025 Willow Street, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 3S1



This robotics course provides students with hands-on and project based learning opportunities revolving around science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the utilization of VEX IQ robotics kits. Daily technical challenges will have to be solved through collaboration, competition and innovation. Be prepared to learn and have fun! (A $50 damage deposit will be collected at the beginning of the course).

Mon To Fri
Start: July 06 2016
End: July 19 2016
08:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Cost: $330.00

To Register for this course click (Here) and scroll to the bottom portion of the page and select ‘Add to Cart’ within the robotics course description.



This is an entry-level course for any students who always wanted to try robotics and their schools don’t have a program. You don’t need to know anything about robotics, just be willing to have fun. You will learn to program and build robots. We will use the VEX-EDR platform (A $50 Damage Deposit will be collected at the beginning of the class).

Start: July 06 2016
End: July 19 2016
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Mon To Fri


Cost: $330.00

To Register for this course click (Here) and scroll to the bottom portion of the page and select ‘Add to Cart’ within the robotics course description.

Contact Brian Yu if you have any questions:

Hamber’s first JA Student Company

Viridian, which takes its names from the Latin “viridis” meaning “green”, is Eric Hamber’s first Junior Achievement Student Company.  Over the past four months, Hamber students organized and launched a small enterprise with the assistance of Johnny Lai, a local business volunteer, and Barb Jones of Junior Achievement.

Viridian, led by Darren C. and Nicole G. along with company members Nick A., Stella C., Ryan C., Kim C., Andrew D., Alicia H., Lester K., Chelsea L., David L., Gamay N., Kenny N., Colton Q., Andy S., Evan T., and Michaela W. worked diligently over the past 16 weeks to nurture and grow their new business.  Their products, Sierra and Sonora, are two different types of mason jar terrariums aimed “to reduce stress from everyday life by bringing pockets of nature into people’s lives.”

We would like to thank Johnny Lai and Barb Jones for their mentorship throughout this venture and for providing us with this great entrepreneurial experience.  We would also like to thank the Hamber community for their support of our venture and hope that you enjoy your “pockets of nature”!



UBC’s Ignite Business Competition


This year, Hamber was represented by three dynamic teams at UBC’s Ignite Business Competition:

Team Dream Team with Stella C., Andy S., Evan T. and Alex T.

Team Extinguish with Nicole G., Virginia L., Gamay N. and Brian Q.

Team Venture with Emma C., Andrew D., Chelsea L. and Kenny N.

Comments made on the two day competition included “intense”, “fun”, “exhausting”, “good”, “challenging”, “learned so much”.  All three teams met the various challenges presented by this multi-faceted competition head on.  Congratulations to all three teams for your great efforts and for rising up to the challenges.  Special mention to Team Extinguish for placing third overall in this year’s competition!  Well done everyone! 




Business Case Competition

Hamber’s Financial Accounting 12 students took part in Britannia’s very 1st Business Case Competition. This competition was co-sponsored by SFU’s Beedie School of Business and provided an opportunity for our students to compete against their peers in the Lower Mainland.

Ms. Schoenfelder’s, Financial Accounting 12 students made her proud with their innovation, creativity, and of course financial NUMBER CRUNCHING business proposal and implementation! They worked hard on an Ivey Business Case Study and were given a valuable opportunity to hear constructive feedback from the industries leading SFU Beedie Business students and professionals.

Applied Skills Department Supporting School Goals

Goal #1

To foster classroom engagement to improve student success and learning.

  • Using a combinational learning technologies (traditional – pencils, pens, etc. right up to technological – mobile devices, various desktop computing platforms, etc.)
  • Allowing access to facilities above and beyond the classroom hours (6:00pm and beyond at times).
  • Offered and provided club activities in support of classroom learning where skills are tested and horned under real conditions. (Bike Club, Robotics Team, Skills Competition Team(s), Business Ed Competitions, etc.)
  • Setup teacher classroom websites to provide achieve classroom information, as well as to provide supplemental access to online resources via external website links.
  • Promote and instruct students to utilize their own digital technology in order to enrich and enhance their learning of classroom content. E.g. use cellphone camera to record or photograph instructions/plans/etc.
  • Use and implementation of digital technologies in order to provide students with multimodal (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) learning opportunities.
  • Using case studies and simulations to bring real business problems into the classroom for students to solve.
  • Applying business theory, business and personal ethics through participation in the school store, business competitions and the Junior Achievement Student Company.


Goal # 2

To foster student engagement to increase a sense of student belonging as well as increase community, environmental, and personal responsibility.

  • Promote participations to competitions in our various subject area(s) to enhance the classroom learning.
  • Local/National/International field trips to promote connection between classroom learning to the outside world.
  • Using recycled materials in our tech studies classes to produce student centered projects and artifacts.
  • Students build staging and sets for performances that benefits the entire school community (First Nation Studies, Mental Health, Hamber Idol, School Musicals, School Plays, and Hamber Fashion Show, etc.)
  • Community related clubs sponsored by department staff to promote community outreach. (Compassion Club, Kids Help phone, Dragon Boat Team, Bike Club, etc.)


Goal # 3

Aboriginal Cultural Enhancement – To increase knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal histories, traditions, cultures and contributions among all students.

  • An Aboriginal project to be completed at the end of the school year for every subject area and at every grade level. (On Hold)
  • Students help built the staging setup for the First Nation awareness performance.
  • In class discussion(s) at the senior level regarding the occupation of tradition land.
  • Discussions and activities on the need to research the political, economical, social and technological environments (PEST Analysis) of different countries and groups of people as part of a marketing plan.


Northwest Lower Mainland Regional Skills Canada Competition 2016

Congratulations to all the participants in the Northwest Lower Mainland Regional Skills Canada competitions held last Friday at Eric Hamber. Hamber hosted over 50 students from across the district.

Hamber hosted four Worldskills 2017 qualifying competitions in Baking, Cooking, Fashion Technology and Graphics Design.

In Baking – Clarissa R. was GOLDEN – producing perfect cream puffs and other delectable baked goods

In Cooking – Catherine W. edged out her fellow Hamber competitors and Ace It students from across the district in a tight race and gained a Bronze medal

In Fashion Technology – Karen C. won Bronze, Yoyo T. won Silver and Kimberly B. WON GOLD achieving 96% – setting a new record of achievement in Fashion Technology since Hamber students have been participating in this event at the regional, provincial and national levels in the last 20 years.

The GOLD medal winners will advance to the Provincial Skills Competitions 2016 on April 13, 2016 at the Tradex, in Abbotsford. The Provincial Gold medal winners will then be advancing to the Nationals in Moncton, NB in June.

Thank you to all the hard work and time the competitors put in to achieve their personal best.

Ms. N. Ho

The Enactus Business Competition at UBC


Hamber Business Students Win The Enactus Business Competition at UBC

A group of dedicated and hardworking Hamber Marketing 12 students won the Enactus Business Competition hosted by UBC Sauder School of Business on February 13 with their product idea, business report and presentation.

Over the last three months, students from eight school groups received hands-on experience in creating a sustainable product with the guidance and mentorship of UBC’s Spend It Right team leaders.  They were tasked to research, plan, develop, create, market, and package their product.

Members of the Marketing 12 class took the project on and developed Boxy Bag and Pencil Prism by Fusable – bags made by fusing post-consumer shopping bags together to create the “fabric”. Presenters Darren C., Priscilla L., Ian T. and Vincent W. impressed the judges with the “cool concept” and with the “Humans of Hamber” and the “Brings Bags to win a Bag” campaign.  Congratulations to the presenters along with the rest of the Fusable team:  Gaby H.M., Chae-Young Y., Nick A., Zach G., Lester K., Samantha K., and Grace Y.  Your goal “to create sustainable change collectively as a community” led you to success in the competition.


Fusable bags

Fusable Bags3

The NFTE’s World Series of Innovation Challenge


Hamber Business Education 10 Students are Winners in The NFTE’s World Series of Innovation Challenge

There were nearly 700 submissions from teams in 11 countries who entered the NFTE’s World Series of Innovation Challenge, an international competition where students work in groups to come up with a new, innovative product or service to address a market niche.  Hamber had two teams from the Business Education 10 class make it to the top 10 in their respective categories.  After a second round of eliminations, one Hamber team made it to the finals.  Catelyn S., Amy T, and Carina T. of Team Woolsy was a top 3 category finalist in the IFRC Volunteer for Change Challenge.  Thanks to your support and votes, Team Woolsy was selected as one of the winning teams!  Congratulations to Catelyn, Amy and Carina for a job well done!Team Woolsy Project