Hamber’s first JA Student Company

Viridian, which takes its names from the Latin “viridis” meaning “green”, is Eric Hamber’s first Junior Achievement Student Company.  Over the past four months, Hamber students organized and launched a small enterprise with the assistance of Johnny Lai, a local business volunteer, and Barb Jones of Junior Achievement.

Viridian, led by Darren C. and Nicole G. along with company members Nick A., Stella C., Ryan C., Kim C., Andrew D., Alicia H., Lester K., Chelsea L., David L., Gamay N., Kenny N., Colton Q., Andy S., Evan T., and Michaela W. worked diligently over the past 16 weeks to nurture and grow their new business.  Their products, Sierra and Sonora, are two different types of mason jar terrariums aimed “to reduce stress from everyday life by bringing pockets of nature into people’s lives.”

We would like to thank Johnny Lai and Barb Jones for their mentorship throughout this venture and for providing us with this great entrepreneurial experience.  We would also like to thank the Hamber community for their support of our venture and hope that you enjoy your “pockets of nature”!



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