Applied Skills Department Supporting School Goals

Goal #1

To foster classroom engagement to improve student success and learning.

  • Using a combinational learning technologies (traditional – pencils, pens, etc. right up to technological – mobile devices, various desktop computing platforms, etc.)
  • Allowing access to facilities above and beyond the classroom hours (6:00pm and beyond at times).
  • Offered and provided club activities in support of classroom learning where skills are tested and horned under real conditions. (Bike Club, Robotics Team, Skills Competition Team(s), Business Ed Competitions, etc.)
  • Setup teacher classroom websites to provide achieve classroom information, as well as to provide supplemental access to online resources via external website links.
  • Promote and instruct students to utilize their own digital technology in order to enrich and enhance their learning of classroom content. E.g. use cellphone camera to record or photograph instructions/plans/etc.
  • Use and implementation of digital technologies in order to provide students with multimodal (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) learning opportunities.
  • Using case studies and simulations to bring real business problems into the classroom for students to solve.
  • Applying business theory, business and personal ethics through participation in the school store, business competitions and the Junior Achievement Student Company.


Goal # 2

To foster student engagement to increase a sense of student belonging as well as increase community, environmental, and personal responsibility.

  • Promote participations to competitions in our various subject area(s) to enhance the classroom learning.
  • Local/National/International field trips to promote connection between classroom learning to the outside world.
  • Using recycled materials in our tech studies classes to produce student centered projects and artifacts.
  • Students build staging and sets for performances that benefits the entire school community (First Nation Studies, Mental Health, Hamber Idol, School Musicals, School Plays, and Hamber Fashion Show, etc.)
  • Community related clubs sponsored by department staff to promote community outreach. (Compassion Club, Kids Help phone, Dragon Boat Team, Bike Club, etc.)


Goal # 3

Aboriginal Cultural Enhancement – To increase knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal histories, traditions, cultures and contributions among all students.

  • An Aboriginal project to be completed at the end of the school year for every subject area and at every grade level. (On Hold)
  • Students help built the staging setup for the First Nation awareness performance.
  • In class discussion(s) at the senior level regarding the occupation of tradition land.
  • Discussions and activities on the need to research the political, economical, social and technological environments (PEST Analysis) of different countries and groups of people as part of a marketing plan.


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