The Enactus Business Competition at UBC


Hamber Business Students Win The Enactus Business Competition at UBC

A group of dedicated and hardworking Hamber Marketing 12 students won the Enactus Business Competition hosted by UBC Sauder School of Business on February 13 with their product idea, business report and presentation.

Over the last three months, students from eight school groups received hands-on experience in creating a sustainable product with the guidance and mentorship of UBC’s Spend It Right team leaders.  They were tasked to research, plan, develop, create, market, and package their product.

Members of the Marketing 12 class took the project on and developed Boxy Bag and Pencil Prism by Fusable – bags made by fusing post-consumer shopping bags together to create the “fabric”. Presenters Darren C., Priscilla L., Ian T. and Vincent W. impressed the judges with the “cool concept” and with the “Humans of Hamber” and the “Brings Bags to win a Bag” campaign.  Congratulations to the presenters along with the rest of the Fusable team:  Gaby H.M., Chae-Young Y., Nick A., Zach G., Lester K., Samantha K., and Grace Y.  Your goal “to create sustainable change collectively as a community” led you to success in the competition.


Fusable bags

Fusable Bags3

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